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We love to tantalise

Posted: Nov 17, 2019

We love to tantalise

Hi Guys want to be turned on well here we are the ladies of Club Classique we like to tantalise and when we turn a man on before "the DO" in the right way, it not only feels good and your body is also more receptive and your orgasm more intense. This is what we do and we are very good at it so come on down lie back and be tantalised.

To give you a view to a thrill, crib these peep-show pointers. I will Push you down on the bed and straddle you. Then, while your defenceless, very leisurely peel off one piece of my clothing at a time. To really titillate you, I will let look at the good stuff my Bosom s, butt, inner thighs but then cover up again. When I finally get down to removing my panties, I do it painfully slow so you feel the burn. Once we are naked, teasing you by twisting my body over yours in different directions, arching my back, and letting my Bosom s graze over your face and chest, you will be absolutely aching for my touch by the time I finally press my body against yours.

Most men desire a variety of hands-on stimulation techniques, And guess what, it’s not where you think. Instead I will give a mix of sexual touches hard massage, long nail strokes, surprise pinches all over your body to pique your pleasure.

Drawing a circle around your genital region with my lips,” The whole area from your upper thigh to lower belly is sensitive and the teasing proximity of my mouth will excite, When your body tenses up,I know your right there. Well, we have got it from here.!!!

Club Classique We tease We torment We tantalise and most of all We please xx

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