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We are hot hot hot

Posted: Jul 28, 2019

We are hot hot hot

Hi guys not only is the weather hot the ladies from Club Classique are hot too, come along we will hose you down. I wonder why the heat can bring out the sexy side of us. We are really busy on these hot days we spend most of the days with no clothes on and we hope you will too.

We can provide plenty of water to keep that mouth of yours and ours moist and wet.

Showers not to cold can help as cold could dampen your ardour although that is not a problem we have at Club Classique there are ways to make you stand to attention.

Hit the shower

Turn some summer beats up loud and take things to the bathroom. Set the shower at a comfortable temperature and low pressure - you'll get water EVERYWHERE, otherwise. The best (and safest) shower position is usually bending over and pressing your hands to the wall. Prepare for a wet and wild time!

Ice ice baby

Grab a bag of ice cubes from the supermarket, then bring a cup full of them up to the bedroom. You can rub them along each other's body and introduce them into the foreplay. They'll cool you down AND feel amazing. Afterwards, stick the rest in a well deserved gin and tonic or sex on the beach not a drinker just a tonic loads of ice and a slice.

Sex Al Fresco

Sex outside is fun, adrenaline pumping and - most importantly - BREEZY. Of course, you need to choose a secluded location where you won't be seen, even if it's just the back garden shed. Just make sure you won't get into any trouble if caught out (although, that's part of the excitement).

Just get down to it and embrace the sweaty, chafing, heated madness of it all. It's PASSIONATE.

I would love to know who originally came up with the name for this cocktail so I can shake his / her hand. It’s one of those ones that I can imagine people leaning over the bar to whisper in the bartender’s ear. Only the bold would want to be caught yelling over the crowd “I’ll take sex on the beach!” and stirring the interest of the entire bar full of patrons.

Ingredients in a Sex on the Beach Cocktail

Sweat and get wet with the club Classique gang xx

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