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Turn me on or off

Posted: Jan 13, 2019

Turn me on or off

If you enjoy the danger and thrill associated with public play, vibrating panties are the top of the line method to get your rocks off, just about anywhere! That means with these bad boys, you could be simply sitting in your office, in a waiting room, waiting for the bus or walking down the street and no one would ever be suspicious, unless of course you give them something to be curious about by the look on your face!

When it comes to having fun and sexual pleasure, there are more ways than your standard dildos, etc. Vibrating panties are becoming more and more popular in the industry, not only are they discreet, it opens up many different potential opportunities for sexual pleasure, excitement and being kinky and everyone loves to get their kink on from time to time!

You may choose to wear your vibrating panties throughout your day and be in anticipation of when your partner will turn it on. There are many types that have multiple functions, giving them many options to tease you with, really get you excited, or go all out while you try not to scream out in pleasure where ever you may be!

Not sure about these as I like the real thing with a real person, I am sure there are people who will love them.

Non Alcoholic Beer is like a vibrator without batteries it fills you up but lacks the buzz

Always a pleasure at Club Classique where the ladies are sleek xx

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