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True or False

Posted: Nov 05, 2018

True or False

Sometimes when we Ladies talk together when we have a respite between clients we get to discussing myths or falsehoods but none of us are sure about this one even with all our experience .

A guide to a mans Penis.

We have all heard the saying you can tell a mans penis by his shoe size or a man with a big nose, thats it the man with a big nose is just a man with a big nose.

Actually the size of his tool depends on his background rather than any other part of his anatomy according to a study.

Penis Size Calculator

An almost foolproof method to calculate the size of someone's penis without actually taking a ruler and measuring it.

Height in inches (i.e. 70 instead of 5'10") divided by the age you started puberty. Why are things never easy.

Black and Italians can add between 1/2 and 3/4 inch, while Asians can subtract between 3/4 and an inch.

So far, its been close, if not exactly on par with everyone tested.

The Penis Size Calculator is 90-100% accurate. So you see we ladies do not just talk about lipstick shoes and bags (well most of the time)

Happy Measuring

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