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Tramp Stamp

Posted: Oct 07, 2018

Tramp Stamp

Hi Fans of Club Classique I want to talk about Tattoos some of out ladies have them but not all, I personally find a man with a tattoo a bit of a turn on (depends on the man of course). Some clients love them.

Tramp Stamp a tattoo placed on a Promiscuous woman’s lower back, just above the buttocks. Usually a tribal design, a butterfly, or her name, just in case you forget when you are banging away doggy-style. Half the girls nowadays have tramp stamps that must tell you something

Not long ago, I was walking with an acquaintance on a warm afternoon, a woman who looked to be in her late twenties crossed our path. She was wearing jeans and a top that revealed a tattoo on her lower back, a colourful bird in flight.My male friend said, Check out the tramp stamp.

The term tramp stamp, was it an implication that compared to women without body art, those with tattoos are sexually looser (what is wrong with that).

Men think so. According to one recent survey, compared with ink-free women, men were more likely to approach tattooed women, and more likely to believe that they were sexually available. Meanwhile, according to another report, women with tattoos are more sexually active, meaning they might, indeed, be more available to men (we are even without the tramp stamp)

So we know that men are more likely to approach tattooed women; more likely to think they’d be open to and more likely to assume they’re open to sex. But are those beliefs true (I hope so).

Polish researchers explored the issue in a recent survey of 88 young adults, both men and women, 60 of whom were ink-free, and 28 of whom had tattoos. They found that the people with tattoos are slightly more sexually active than the non-inked but not enough to make any real difference.

Stop it with the Tramp Stamp nonsense Some of my tattoos are for me to look at, and others are decorations to my temple — and my temple's backside deserves adornment too! Come along check it out.

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