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This little piggy went to Market

Posted: Aug 18, 2019

This little piggy went to Market

Yes the old nursery Rhyme involving toes who would have thought this could have been the start of the old fantasies or Fetishes involving toe sucking, this is only an idea but it could be true. Not so sure about the Piggy who liked Roast Beef!! And weeing all the way home!!

The ladies of Club Classic have rarely been asked to suck toes (plenty of other things) but we will be open to it if that is what some of you require, we are very versatile and there is always a Club Classique lady around who will be more than happy to suck toes.

One of our lovely ladies ME have started seeing a regular who has a fetish about feet. I found it a turn on. He was initially quite bashful – he sucked my toes during an initial sexual encounter and commented, 'It's weird, I know.' After the surprise it seems no different to liking bottoms or breasts. He asked me for a "footjob", which I did as well as I could and he orgasmed afterwards with my feet on his face and pleasuring himself. He likes to lick, suck and smell my feet. I discovered I enjoy having my feet kissed and fondled. Who would have thought it.

Some times life sucks but not at Club Classique we suck other things xx

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