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There are beads and Beads

Posted: Mar 03, 2019

There are beads and Beads

Hi Sexy you know who you are, yes all of our lovely clients. Had a strange experience last week perhaps not strange for some of our ladies at Club Classique but for me as I do not do Anal Play having said that some of our ladies do, something for all tastes here at the Club.

A client very nice one pleasant friendly gentlemanly brought his Anal Beads with him so what are Anal Beads let me educate you on this subject if you do not know.

Anal Beads are a type of sex toy for both men and women to use when alone or with a partner. This toy is a good introduction to anal sex for beginners. Typically, Anal Beads are smooth, round sprees made of silicone or plastic. Resembling a short strand of pearls, the beads are connected to one another by a piece of nylon cord or other type of strong rope-like material, with a ring or some other type of handle at one end. Some anal beads feel soft to the touch, while others are firm and textured. The beads are inserted gently one bead at a time into a person's anus. At the moment of orgasm (or at other times), they are pulled out by the ring or handle. Another version of anal beads is similar to a dildo — made of plastic or rubber — where the shaft is a series of round spheres.


As with almost any type of anal play, there are a few things you need to look out for to stay completely safe. You need to make sure that your beads have an appropriate base or bottom handle to make sure that they don’t get stuck inside your butt. Beads with string connecting them are also a big risk, as the string can snap leaving individual beads inside you. String is also impossible to keep properly clean so you always run the risk of bacteria getting stuck in it.

Cleanliness is also very important. If you have any worries about touching fecal matter while using your anal beads, you can use gloves and condoms to protect your hands and beads. You should ALWAYS use a condom if you plan to share the beads, and swap to a fresh condom between partners, but it is recommended to have separate sets of anal beads for each person.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to use anal beads. So if you haven’t grabbed any yet, what are you waiting for? Get hold of some and enjoy some truly unique sexual pleasure today! I will stick with the Pearl Necklace but thats another story!!

Always welcome at Club Classique and some of us do Greek xxx

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