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The weird and the wonderful

Posted: Jun 10, 2019

The weird and the wonderful

Hi from the Ladies of Club Classique who are so unique, on a daily basis we do have some fun and some really nice guys but now and again we encounter the occasional WEIRDO not many but sometimes they can be scary. We at Club Classique are used to dealing with these people. Luckily we do not get weirdos to often. Then again what is weird to some people it is perfectly normal to others. (not sure about that).

I remember an occasion where my client brought a blow up cow, and a small stool, I had been informed beforehand to wear a Milkmaids attire, this guy wanted me to pretend to milk the cow while he masturbated into a bowl which he proceeded to mix and drink it (no kisses for him). This was not my weirdest meeting but it stuck in my mind and I wondered WHY!!

Every day is different for the ladies of Club Classique and we do have fun and enjoy our job pleasing our clients,

Milking no problem we are always aim to please at Club Classique

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