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The Prince Albert

Posted: Sep 16, 2018

The Prince Albert

Hi Guys How’s it swinging in all the right places I hope.

We love our clients and like to please them so they can relax and enjoy some time to de-stress. We have seen most things in our time at Club Classique but one of the things that always sticks in my memory was a client who had a Prince Albert, what do you think that is all about, I will tell you.

According to legend, Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, pierced his penis with a ring on the end of it so he could move his penis (to the right or left), in a way so as to avoid a noticeable bulge in his tight-fitting pants. At the time, it was called Dressing Ring and allowed the penis to pretty much hook on to one side of the pants and tailors would make the pants so they fit perfectly in regards to which side the penis was hooked with its ring.

But while it’s no longer about tightness of pants, the Prince Albert piercing remains a fashion statement, of sorts. One of the main reasons men get it, aside from the fact that it’s oh-so decorative, is that it’s supposed to make sex better for both he and his partner. During intercourse, the ring stimulates either the g-spot or the prostate and voila! mucho orgasms!

For me there were definitely more orgasms, but not necessarily g-spot orgasms. To be perfectly honest, I don't know if it was because of the piercing itself, or just how fucking pleased with himself he was for having it that it gave him the added confidence.

However, considering only three percent of men have their genitals pierced, it’s not like there are a ton of us out there who have experienced it to confirm the possible mind-blowing orgasms factor.

Walk this way for a kinda orgasm day

Love as always Club Classique where the girls are so sleek xxxx

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