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Tatoos Love them or Hate them.

Posted: Nov 26, 2018

Tatoos Love them or Hate them.

Hi my friends hope its going ok for you, it certainly is for us lovely ladies at. Club Classique, I am writing this Blog today regarding Tattoos a few Gentlemen have arrived to see their special lady and found out they have Tattoos (always ask first to avoid disappointment) and were not happy bunnies although we did pacify them with another sexy alternative, as all our ladies are sexy and good looking

Are you wondering what style of tattoos men like on women? The answer varies considerably. For starters, not all men like tattoos, especially on women. If you're hoping a new tattoo will score you a new man you are making a great big mistake. Any body art you decide on should be for you. It should be a tattoo that you are comfortable with that you can relate to and hopefully one that bears some sort of Personal significance.

With that said there are certain tattoo styles and designs that many men appreciate seeing on women (we did a survey) In addition to tattoo designs and styles don't forget the importance of placement, Tattoos on the ribs, lower back and thighs are always sexy. Men can also be turned on by a spine tattoo that scrolls down your back with a secret message or symbol. Just be you and be proud of your womanhood. It's super sexy to be a lady so just rock your feminine whiles, lipstick and all! Beware sometimes we girls can go over the top

No one wants to be told how to feel about their tattoos ten, twenty, or fifty years down the road. (Think hard about this). The truth is you might hate your tattoos or you may love them. There's no way to tell if you will have regrets The best advice for tattoos-sleeves (arms) is to stick with a theme and then invest time into your idea from start to finish. Consider your job, future, and your LIFESTYLE Avoid name tattoos when you can and, by all means, spend the time to find a few good artist(s)to create a pleasing display.

What if you don't like your tattoo? Well, you have a few options from laser tattoo removal to a brand new tattoo cover-up. Take a look and get some hope. It can happen, even if with good intentions and proper planning you may find yourself asking "What if I don't like my tattoo?" Fortunately, you do have a few options. From covering up your design with something entirely different, or opting for laser tattoo removal, there are a few options should you be faced with a design you just can't be satisfied with.

So there you have it subtle and hidden or in your face you either like them or hate them. Please let us know if possible if you like a tattoo or not to save embarrassment and disappointment, we love you no matter what.

A college student comes home during winter break and his mum notices her sons new Tattoo She says "Son, you got a very nice hippopotamus tattoo on your arm." He replies "Mum, it's my girlfriend

From the tattood and untattood ladies of loveliness at Club Classic here there is something for everyone. Xxxx

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