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Tasty Treats

Posted: May 07, 2019

Tasty Treats

Hi Guys hope you are looking forward to the coming Bank Holiday or should we say Bonk holiday we will be doing plenty of that, why not join us for some bonk holiday fun. We all love a bit of slap and tickle some enjoy slap and some a good old tickle of course it depends where you are tickling.

We at Club Classique have lots of tasty bonk holiday treats in store for you

Enjoy the holidays we want to hear the good times you had, visit us and those times will become a reality we know you will be dying for a good old Bonk after the holidays and so will we.

May Day frolics have come and gone hope you had some we love to Please

Club Classique ladies are not ashamed of being lusty it really is a great thing. I believe having a heightened sex drive is a surefire sign of mental wellness, and we wouldn’t dumb down our sexuality for anyone.

But there is ONE problem with being a horny Club Classique lady Sometimes, We just get so EXCITED by naked bodies and supple flesh and moans and textures, and oh my, I’m getting wildly aroused just thinking about it! So, sometimes we go in for the kill a little too quickly. Who can blame us? Sex is overwhelming

Cheers have a May Day drink from the Club Classique ladies always wet and willing xx

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