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Sub Dom

Posted: Sep 08, 2019

Sub Dom

Hi you movers and shakers lets boogy on down and have some fun with the Club Classique ladies. We are always up for a little bit of the other or a lot of the other depending on how energetic you are feeling.

Catering for most tastes and I sure do have clients with various likes and dislikes I do myself although not many. it is good to have variety and know we will always try to cater to your needs.

So my lovely clients now and hopefully in the future we are here to entertain you. I know that can mean anything but I am used to surprises and I like them. I am open to most things but some are way over the line but we can discuss that some other time when we meet I hope it is soon.

Is being sexually dominant or sexually submissive a default state or do you reach these states through experience/upbringing/environment? Why do some men like manhandling girls whereas other men are aroused by dominatrixes? Why do some women like being choked/hair-pulled whilst others don’t? No one knows. Why do so many people like blue while others like red

Sex is weird like that, we know so little about why we like the stuff that we do. We don’t know what causes sexual orientation, we don’t know what causes sexual preferences, nor sexual S&M, nor any other kind of sexual behaviour. People like the sexual stuff they do it because it feels good. It’s as simple as that (aside from all the complications of literally not knowing why it feels good).

As for my personal opinion, we at Club Classique are happy to share but not so happy to argue about it. That means I’m going to write an answer I’m inclined to think that outside of BDSM roles, sexual dominance and submission is learned behaviour. That’s why (again, outside of BDSM roles), it tends to divide so neatly along the gender lines in heterosexual relationships.

Men are taught to be sexually active and to take the lead, while women are taught to be sexually passive and be acted upon. Note that active does not necessarily mean dominant and passive does not necessarily mean submissive but the way these behaviours manifest themselves in this context make them functionally identical. We at Club Classique enjoy the dominant role if you would like to be our slave for an hour or two we would love to punish you naughty boys.

We are not one in a million kind of girls. We are one in a lifetime kind of women. We cater for all tastes

Club Classique we are unique come along and make us squeak xx

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