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Should guys shave their chest?

Posted: Mar 18, 2019

Should guys shave their chest?

Hi hairy guys or not this is about the hairy ones our lovely Club Classique ladies are divided on this, I did a little consensus regarding this with the ladies, it seems 50 for the hairy ones and 50 without Hair. Le'ts get down to it.

So, do we the Club Classique ladies like chest hair? They’re not as picky in this area as you might think. Personally, I prefer a bit of manly chest hair, and I think that quite a few women would agree with me so say half of our Ladies in Club Classique. .

That said I am not completely opposed to chest hair being shaven off if that’s what you prefer, especially when it comes to hot holidays where tanning is involved. The ruling here tends to be that a little hair is a good thing, but a bare chest will not get you kicked out of bed, because body hair was our only outfit back in the prehistoric days it’s meant to not just protect us from the sun, but keep us warm when the elements are acting like they did this past winter. No one wants to be cold when they’re having sex, so getting it on with someone furry will make sure that will never happen. You’ll always be toasty from foreplay to climax.

There’s no greater fear than having sex with someone and having them just die on you… or maybe that’s just my greatest fear? Either way, hairiness, especially chest hair means healthy levels of testosterone which means any fears of someone dropping dead mid-romp can be put to bed. Phew!

The reason men and women have hair in and around their sex organs it is because it provides a buffer for all that banging. When we choose to remove the hair, we’re making that part of our body very vulnerable and maybe not even able to withstand the type of multiple-times-a-day sex we would otherwise. Isn’t that reason enough right there to have sex with a hairy person?

We at Club Classique think that a man is a man and if he has a hairy chest so be it we love him just the same

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