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Sexy Chocolate the Valentines Way

Posted: Feb 10, 2020

Sexy Chocolate the Valentines Way

Hi Guys and Gals Valentines Day is here again and out come the chocolate in various forms and tastes. The topic of including chocolate in sexual act has often been an arousing subject for both sceptics and chocolate enthusiasts around the world. Club Classique ladies are know how to do Chocolate play we eat them as well of course you can always tempt us with a box of chocolates.

Eating food and having sex are undoubtedly two of the best things about being alive. Kinks involving food, such as sploshing (deriving sexual pleasure from sitting on food) and other forms of W.A.M. (wet and messy) play, may seem pretty far out. But the connection between sex and food makes perfect sense. They're both comforting activities often shared with others, not to mention sex is supposed to be messy.

Chocolate. From the days of Aztecs it’s been considered an aphrodisiac, and it undoubtedly remains the sexiest, most sensual food out there. Some of the chemicals it contains, such as theobromine and phenylethylamine, are thought to be responsible for chocolate’s erotic potency; of course, there is also the fact that chocolate is not only delicious, but easily melts into a warm substance that reminds us on a primitive level of the sexy heat and texture of vaginal lubrication and cum.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it seemed only prudent to run over a couple of fun ways that chocolate can be used in sex play. When using melted chocolate do not overheat it and burn you (unless you like it that way). I can’t think of a faster way to go from sexy to turn off than running around like a blue arsed fly

Roman Style. While feeding you chocolate could be part of foreplay, working it into the dominant-submissive dynamic can make chocolate consumption that much more sensual. lie on the bed, stripped naked or dressed in something sexy; then slowly I will or you will feed each other fruits dipped in warm chocolate, touching lips and licking fingers. If you love being pampered or submissive in bed, this little game can be a real winner.

Remember, sex is about playing and having fun- and what’s more fun than chocolate? Hurry the chocolate goes quickly. We at Club Classique like Roses and Champagne too!!

Club Classique our plan for Valentines Day Eat Chocolate drink Chocolate and be SEXY xx

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