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Red Lights

Posted: Mar 02, 2020

Red Lights

There is a song with the words red lights mean danger but sometimes they mean pleasure and fun. Some of our club Classique ladies took a trip to Amsterdam this is what they discovered .

Ooo!.Ooo! We know! At least, what they claim in a brief study of prostitution in the late West, and some of the background of sportin' houses. They said it originally came from railroad men hanging their red-glassed lanterns outside the one-whore cribs. However, I have long wondered just how many stops those guys were making to provide that many red lights, and just how old the term actually is.

The red lights of the brothels in Amsterdam are world famous and that’s why they keep them, but they don’t have a particular function anymore. Because of our good health care system prostitutes can protect and cure themselves from STD’s. In the past they couldn’t and you can imagine that it didn’t really look pretty down there.. The red lights were used as a cover-up for all the itchy redness on their skin.

The red light district is a hotspot for tourists from all over the world. There are still many “windows” in the area. You can also visit the Museum of Prostitution: Red Light Secrets. They give you the chance to stand behind a window and experience how it feels to be checked out by so many people. It felt good.

It seems so easy to take a ride on the wild side in this part of Amsterdam and we understand.. What happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam

Club Classique living life in the fast lane join us get wild and wet xx

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