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Muff diving

Posted: Apr 28, 2019

Muff diving

To go down on a female and thoroughly enjoy munching on her vagina, even if she herself is not enjoying it. A very popular pasttime - eating pussy.

Hi Muffers hope you are well. For those of you that enjoy this past time so if you are feeling Hungry??? there are some ladies at Club Classique who do like a dive .

The OED notes muff as early as 1568 and records its usage as a slang term referring to “female pubic hair” and “the vagina” in 1699, as evidenced in (The way to a man’s heart is his stomach, while, according to this text, the way to a woman’s is…) In broader metonymic misogyny, muff served as U.S. slang for a woman, particularly a promiscuous one, by 1914.

Now, muff might come into English-speaking mouths from the Dutch mof, a “mitten,” shortened from an earlier form, moffel. This, in turn, is owed to the Middle French moufle and, yet before, Late Latin’s muffula, a kind of thick, winter glove. Its further origin is unknown. Certain speakers of English may don a pair of muffles, while others may wrap mufflers around their necks. Dated in the mid-1400s, the verb muffle, in all of its enveloping and sound-deadening, might also be so derived from the French moufle.

Join us for some muffins at Club Classique wet and willing xxx

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