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Lusty Love Goddesses

Posted: Nov 11, 2019

Lusty Love Goddesses

Hi all you virile gentlemen interested in a Lusty Love Goddess we have many at Club Classique waiting to lust all over you.


The feeling you get when you see someone and all you want to do is Fuck the shit out of them its when you want to touch them so bad. but you dont because you dont know what they want. its when your with them, your dying for their touch, their lips their hands on your body. its when they touch you and even though you know its wrong you cant stop. its this feeling in your Gut that makes you do wild things and this unending thought in your head when your with them. Sounds like fun.

It's that sexual arousability you get when you glance someone extremely attractive and you get these 5 seconds fantasies about having erotic sex with them. It has completely nothing to do with love. Lust for sex has no bounds Sorry for going on about Lust but I love a lot of lust I hope you do too.


female who is a Deity to mankind in bed. She is so potent at giving and receiving pleasure that she will often leave men enchanted in a helplessly amazed stupor. I am a sex goddess, a girl who can please anyone, anywhere, anytime, any gender, or with any part of her body. Must have great breasts, face, ass and DSL’s are recommended. DSL =Dick sucking lips

A promiscuous female who understands that sex is not just a pleasure for her and her partners, but a meaningful social/spiritual exchange which enriches her and the men using her. A highly-evolved slut (Spiritual slut) who is fully conscious of her role/purpose and Willingly opens her body is a tool for sexual gratification.

A freely-open source of pleasure/satisfaction for men who understands/accepts the strength of the male need for sex and feels joy at being a source for this.

Sex Goddesses have existed through out Ancient history. They exuded creativity strength and passion. Their stories are still shared today.

In today's culture a Sex Goddess is seen as a woman who lusts after the act of sex itself, who will engage in any kind of sexual activity with any partner. This is far from the truth of a true Goddess. All women can be a Sex Goddesses if they want to be. It takes courage and strength to unveil your true essence as a woman to yourself and to the world.

Pay us a visit we will unleash our Inner Goddess at Club Classique xx

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