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Knockers and big Boobies

Posted: Sep 02, 2018

Knockers and big Boobies

Two well known words for big breasts there are many more Baps, Bristols, Bazookas

Bosoms Chest and Bust.
The more Vulgar words Tits Titties and Jugs men like them no matter what they are called

An old joke tells of four women who interview for a job with a male boss. The choice is difficult because all four are clearly qualified. So who gets the job? The one with the largest breasts. Men typically smile at the punch line, but women often cringe, feeling tyrannised by breast size the way many men feel oppressed by the size of something else—except that penises are usually hidden, (that is another story) while women’s chests are routinely visible and often accentuated by clothing.

Many women with small breasts think they're just sh*t out of luck when it comes to being found sexually appealing by a man. They think that men prefer large breasts, and if you don't have it, they don't want it. For some men, this may be true, but a recent study has found that size actually isn't as important to a man's breast preference as once thought. At Club Classique there is something for every one While size does make a difference, to some researchers found that it is the shape that matters more when judging a woman's attractiveness from a male's perspective

I googled women’s breast size men’s preference, and found several discussions. Participants were self-selected and not representative, but the comments were all over the map. Some said they could feel attracted only to women with a specific endowment. (The leading preference was large, followed by medium then small.) But many men insisted that when they fell in love, they fell in love with the women’s breasts, whatever their size.

So do men really want women with big boobs? Some do, at least in fantasy, hence the joke about the woman who gets the job. But many prefer women with medium or small breasts, and many others don’t care. It turns out that men’s feelings about women’s breasts are more complex than the stereotype would have us believe.

Thank goodness for the Wonder Bra

From all at Club Classique big or small we love you all xxx

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