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It started with a kiss

Posted: Oct 20, 2019

It started with a kiss

Then French Kissing and deep throat, not all our ladies at Club Classique offer this but 80% do so no worries its here if you want it and we are experts at it

For me, the appeal is pleasing my clients I also feel pretty accomplished when I can fit a giant penis all the way down my throat and I take pride in giving a good blow job. Several clients of mine have mentioned that the best part of being deep-throated is that the person going down on them is so enthusiastic about it, that they’re willing to put their penis all the way down their throat. They also say that it feels good for them, and that they enjoy the tight sensation of going down their throat. Also, it’s messy and some guys really enjoy sloppy head.

For guys, I think it’s submission thing. There’s something sexy about that domination even if there’s no handcuffs or blindfolds. For women, at least me personally, the appeal is about how much it turns on my clients I can literally feel him get harder the deeper his penis goes, which is extremely sexy—especially when he’s playing with me at the same time I have more asking for blow jobs. If I’m really into it, I’ll take the whole thing into my mouth and down my throat when I’m giving them head. Once they realise I have this skill, they tend to ask for blow jobs a lot more.

When I don't feel like deep-throating, I use my hand to jerk him off while I suck on his penis. I like to move my hand up and down in a twisting motion, drooling on him a bit for lube. Often I feel this method is more effective at achieving orgasm than deep-throating and it’s physically a lot more comfortable for me.

French kissing involves 34 muscles in the face a pucker kiss only two don’t ask about the deep throat muscles!!!

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