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Have a Splashing Experience

Posted: Aug 02, 2018

Have a Splashing Experience

Urine for a surprise, golden showers is the word. I am not sure why some people enjoy this probably something to do with domination (and getting wet)

In this trade nothing surprises us and in the scheme of things its not that bad we have been asked to preform some things that are a bit weird but this is not really one of them.

You want pee? You’ve come to the right place! But golden showers aren’t just limited to the world of porn. Although not a fetish many people readily admit, water sports are gaining popularity behind closed doors.

The broader term for sexual excitement relating to urine is urophilia, which comes courtesy of the ancient Greeks. Some fans of water sports add a domination and submission element, using urine in the context of humiliation is a fetish derived from urophilia in which people become aroused from having a full bladder or become aroused by someone else having a full bladder. I recently discovered that as someone with a bladder the size of a walnut and a wicked soda habit, I just may be an urine lover’s dream.

Although not everybody’s cup of er, tea, urine is actually sterile, so there are very few health risks associated with urophilia or urophagia drinking urine (I will have a green tea please) . Unlike the less common scat fetish, urine doesn’t pose hygiene issues, and as long as you bust out the mop and domestic afterward, I can pee on my client without fear. Just lay down some plastic first.

Water sports : The act of urinating on someone for sexual pleasure.

Teaing and peeing at Club Classique something for everyone xx

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