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Going Commando

Posted: Jan 25, 2019

Going Commando

Hi hope everyone hope you are all fit and well to pay us a visit. We are always pleased to see you, young middle aged, or older we love you all.

I had a call last week regarding a request for a Mature Escort to go commando I have not had many requests for this but I do enjoy it.

Going commando aka Freeballing (for men ) and Freemuffiing (for girls) is the act of not wearing any type of underwear like briefs, panties, boxers, thongs you get the idea. Nada.

There’s all manner of reasons for doing this commando thing most will say comfort and the practice is quite comfortable despite what some folks might think. But some underlying adjuncts run from sexually kinky to exhibitionist and nudist tendencies to being green in that you save water and energy by not having to wash your undies to actually being a healthier practice than wearing close-fitting undies, especially for men, with regard to sperm production and motility.

As a woman myself and being a Mature Escort going commando does have benefits and concerns. Benefits by going commando are I feel sexy by not wearing any of my panties. No need to constantly slide down and pull up my panties, better air flow underneath. Someone can be looking up my skirts and having a full clear view of my private area or pussy. It is my choice by going commando or not? The only time I go commando is when I am requested to do so, It gets me in the mood for sex I feel free from the confines of underwear but winter is here need I say more. I don’t mind if any of my clients arrive commando as long as they freshen up on arrival sorry gentlemen.

Go commando!

It’s something we all know many celebrities are a fan of, especially under tight fitting dresses. Some health specialists suggest going commando is a good sexual health move stating It’s not good to always have the lady parts locked up. They need air like all other body parts. After wearing Panties day and night it is a feeling of being uninhibited so join me for some uninhibited fun and frolics with us.

Please visit us and you will find out if we are commando or not. Perhaps you are but that is another story.

Diet Tip: Your pants will never be to tight if you do not wear any

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