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GFE Meaning

Posted: Mar 11, 2019

GFE Meaning

Hi you Randy Lot greetings from the Club Classique Ladies, in this blog I would like to clarify the Meaning of GFE for those of you who are not sure about this it means Girl friend Experience, let me explain below.

Before GFE got selfishly perverted by men customers, it had nothing to do with high health risk sex acts. We know now the HIV risk is almost nil but there are lots of other nasties one can get from unsafe, unprotected sex.

What is it a GFE (an escort) who offers Girl Friend Experience thats what GFE stands for GIRL FRIEND EXPERIENCE It is a relationship with more direct contact and acts like a girlfriend. Not all girlfriends do the things a GFE does.

An Escort who acts like she wants to be with you giving kisses and cuddles to her client and intimacy like a girlfriend. An Escort that enjoys her clients and lets them know it. Providing genuine intimacy as well as sexual services no rushing just making the "client" feel as if they are with a partner not an Escort there is difference. Safe GFE with condoms involved in all physical aspects, i.e. no bareback anything.

If all criteria are met the Escort is known as a GFE.

Hope this helps. Need a GFE your the guy for me

We are here for you Club Classique where the. Ladies are sleek xxx

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