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Get the Kinks out

Posted: Mar 22, 2019

Get the Kinks out

Some people like to push the envelope if that is you we have plenty of exciting things in store. So lets get playing with props you kinky lot.

Guaranteed Penis Propper

If you droop do not worry about it we have ways!! we have dealt with this many times. A cock ring usually does the trick and keep your John Thomas firmly in place, we also have one with a built in vibrator so we can gyrate together.

Hot and Handy tools (not yours)

The Vibrator I can turn my scream machine into a sex toy for two we slip it in between our bodies so it rests against your pleasure switch (penis) you will feel the vibrations and you and I will soon be pulsating with pleasure.

Even the hottest escorts can use some fresh creative ways to keep lust scorching and get ready to lay on a red hot good lovin party we invite you to join us at the club.

Do you think the guy who invented the vibrator heard voices saying if you build it they will come!!

Your pleasure is our pleasure COME!! and visit the ladies at Club Classique we are unique. Xxx

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