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Dirty Talk or Verbal Foreplay

Posted: Nov 16, 2018

Dirty Talk or Verbal Foreplay

Talking to another person, describing mutual sexual activity, with the aim of causing sexual arousal. There is nothing worse than silence when in the throes of passion, you can even have fun thinking of dirty words to say.

Dirty Talk

Hi Guys hows it hanging in the hood. In my experience And we at Club Classic have had a lot I personally think Few things turn a man on than a lusty woman showing how much she is enjoying herself how much his thrusting Penis is tuning her on (and him hopefully) so let your passion show ladies.

The benefits of verbal foreplay

So lets get down to talking dirty this is not the time for clinical descriptions of vaginas and penises this is the time to talk about cocks pussies and fucking, these are perfectly wonderful words that we should not feel ashamed to use. In moments of passion they are the most lascivious and appropriate words in the language. For those of us that are a bit shy (yes some escorts can still be a little shy) I am not shy so tell him how good it feels in every way you can think of. It works some of my clients love it and come back for more.

Having a dirty mind makes ordinary conversations much more interesting so get down and dirty.

Club Classique Flirty and Dirty always xxx

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