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Did you make a New Year Resolution

Posted: Jan 05, 2019

Did you make a New Year Resolution

Hi guys and Gals hope you have you had a Rocking time and brought the New Year in with a Bang let the resolutions begin. I personally will not be making any this year as I have been so good I have been naughtier and sexier since my last resolutions why would I want to change that.

One thing I like doing on New Years Eve and day is Drink Champagne I love it, we girls at Club Classique love it too. There are many ways to enjoy Champagne and we know them all.

New Years Resolutionaries
A person that only goes to the gym in the 4 week period after January 1st They tend to be fat and hog all of the machines. They quit working out at the rate of 25% per week. A small percentage will show up 1 week before spring break to do curls and crunches. I couldn't get on a bench press because there was a line of three New Years Resolutionaries at my Gym

A January joiner is a specific example of a New Year's Resolutionary...

They quit the grit for their New Years Resolution and all day they preach to anyone who isn't quick or smart enough to avoid them about the evils of tabacco... Have no fear...They will be suckin' down 5 sticks at a time this time next week in true New Year's Resolutionary style..

Cheers I raise my glass of Champagne wishing all our lovely clients A Fabulous 2019 and we hope to see lots of you (in more ways than one)

always a pleasure at Club Classique were the ladies are so sleek xxx

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