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Crotchless can be fun

Posted: Oct 13, 2019

Crotchless can be fun

Hi Guys what’s happening with you, all good I hope if not let the Ladies at Club Classique turn that frown upside down or just let us go down.

If I am feeling a bit naughty I will go with out undies if I am just going out to tesco or whatever, but i do actually own 2 pairs of crotchless knickers both were gifts (so obviously some people find them sexy!). one pair is like a pair of black lace french knickers and don't look any different from the front or behind, but obviously do from certain angles... the other pair is leather and has a zip from the front to the back. back in the days those were fecking sexy, haha the idea of getting my skin trapped in them was really scary! I was shaven but they had flaps of material under the zip to protect you anyway.

We at Club Classique think it's sexier to wear no underwear than to wear crotchless But crotchless are a bit of fun and if someone wants to wear them on a night out or for a client I get it. I agree with the comments that if you don't have a boyfriend it is screaming F—K me' but that's what some girls want on a night in or out.

On a slightly different note, I was amused when a client brought me a pair of really sexy knickers, they were leather and lace and just....really really nice. I turned them around and they had a hole cut out for my rear end (very subtle).

Crotchless Knickers are no longer just a ‘Cosmo craze’ or fashion fad – they’re a staple in the wardrobe, the most couture of the cut outs and a definitive seductress in the lingerie dictionary. But whether you’re rocking Brief boy shorts or naughty knickers you may not have considered all the practical components these scant panties have to offer but that is another story next week.

Club Classique keep their knickers sweet xxx

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