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Classy Underwear

Posted: Jun 17, 2018

One thing our ladies at Club Classique do is they always wear matching underwear, it makes such a difference than some washed out Bra and panties that do not match.

Lingerie is a term, derived from the French language, for women's undergarments. These garments are heavily eroticised in Male culture A women's undergarment is used to make a girl look sexy and turn on men Great thats what we like to do at Club Classique

Lingerie can be in the form of bras, panties (including various forms such as thongs, g-strings, etc.), stockings, teddies, suspenders babydolls, corsets, etc. Can be a fetish of some perversional people. Yeah we love it bring it on.

A kind of clothing that is more expensive when less material is used.

Clothes that are put on with the whole purpose and intention of taking off. Yes Please.

(She put on the lingerie hoping to appear enticing, though any guy at the party would have had rather seen her appear au natural)

In some ways pointless, yet amazingly sexy undergarment usually worn by women to arouse and excite men. The reason for it being pointless is because if the situation calls for lingerie, It will not be staying on for long, so true

Lingerie is sexy and the confidence a woman exudes knowing she is wearing matching, lacey, or whatever underneath is invigorating. Almost like a little secret between her and her body!

Lingerie is an incredible turn on for guys; they love it! So do we at Club Classique and we love them too. Life is to short to wear boring underwear.

Check us out from all at Club Classique xxx

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