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Posted: Jun 03, 2018

Big Breasts or Small that is the question and there is no real answer because every man has different tastes. In Club Classique we have many ladies of different shapes and sizes all of us are beautiful of course.

It's not complicated.
Breasts: We Women have them, men love them but clearly women and men don't think about them in the same way.

A Mans prospective by a man
To you ladies, they're obviously part of your body, for better or worse. Sometimes you're proud of them, sometimes unhappy and most of you know how to use them to your advantage at least a little.

To us guys, however, your breasts are the object of something between strong interest and out-and-out obsession depending upon the guy (and the set). They make us fixate, double-take and lose our trains of thought. They make our eye contact stray during conversation. They make us sigh involuntarily. They make us gawk.

The thing is, most women don't realize that our borderline mania isn't very complicated: we simply like boobs — a lot. And we like them in pretty much all shapes and sizes.

There are plenty of guys who will love your itty-bitties, who won't mind if one is bigger than the other (which is pretty normal) and will still find them sexy.

Well my lovely ladies that is nice to know if you have them flaunt them.

To all our Boob lovers hope your day is as nice as our Boobs

All at Club Classique xx

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