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Bonking in the Boudoir

Posted: Oct 27, 2019

Bonking in the Boudoir

Hi guys hope things are well with you, stress I can take that away with just a visit with me and my sexy Boudoir Belles at Club Classique a sensuous Haven for all kinds of stress heads. Well Halloween is nearly upon us and I know how my naughty gang love a bit of a broom stick on there backside and there is always apple dunking (don’t ask) its fun.

Our beds are large enough to roll around and strong and silent enough to withstand some fairly energetic activities, soft enough to be languidly comfortable for hours of pleasure. The sheets are fresh and clean (like me).

I love having lots of pillows (you can use them for other things ) I like pure Cotten sheets but some like the feel of satin everything about our Boudoir will make you feel comfortable and you will certainly be taken care of in more ways than ONE.

We could always stand up in front of the mirror.

Club Classique Come Bonk in our Boudoir bring your own broomstick xx

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