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Being Cute

Posted: Jul 14, 2019

Being Cute

Hi Guys do your think we at Club Classique are cute? We think we are more sexy than cute but cute is good

The meaning of cute

Cute is more than just the way you look, its more about the total package than simply how pretty you are every guy thinks he wants a gorgeous woman on his arm what they do not understand is that cute girls who are also very sexy are the most attractive that describes Club Classique. We might not all be cute but we are defiantly SEXY.

The meaning of sexy

Sexiness is voice. It's a way of moving. It's a curve of your body. It's lip movement. It's the way you dress. It's a gate. It's an inherent way of looking individual. It's the flutter of an eyelash. It's what you bring into a room when you walk in. It's well manicured hands. It's nice shades a beautiful watch the tilt of a high heeled shoe.

So lets be truthful Club Classique girls are sex on legs and you know what heaven is waiting for you there, so what are you waiting for the heavens to open we are waiting.

Club Classique we are naughty but oh sooo nice xx

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