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Charlotte Loughborough Masseuse

The return of Charlotte if you did not experience this lady before now is your chance full of surprises especially sexual ones with a fully charged sexual appetite she will lick you all over and I mean all over so come on down she awaits with tongue ready for action  xx


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    ? Jun 09th 2021

    I met Charlotte on her first day and had a fantastic hot of fun with a sweet, sexy energetic and beautiful young lady. She made sure our time was filled with fantastic action and I can’t wait to meet her again for some more of the same.

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    IanP May 23rd 2021

    had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte again yesterday now two Thursdays on the trot. All my memories of a beautiful session in December and the previous week returned to the forefront. Excellent time extremely sexy and beautiful lady who is intent on giving you a good time. Will not go into detail but simply the best, Thank you Charlotte xx

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