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Charlotte Loughborough Masseuse

The return of Charlotte if you did not experience this lady before now is your chance full of surprises especially sexual ones with a fully charged sexual appetite she will lick you all over and I mean all over so come on down she awaits with tongue ready for action  xxx


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  • Charlotte's Latest Review

    Jul 15th 2022

    Honestly she is amazing, very caring and sexy and naughty as well. The only woman that has made me finish just with oral in my 5+ years. Great session. Will keep on seeing her

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    D Jun 22nd 2022

    Charlotte is in every way quite simply the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Every t with her is unforgettable. Thank you for being so special..

    CB Apr 27th 2022

    Charlotte is a very good looking lady and seems to draw you in just with her presence. She has all the time in the world for you which makes the experience so very special. Thank you Charlotte you’re a gem.

    D Apr 06th 2022

    I have never been made to feel more special. Charlotte is such a beautiful young woman in every way. Can’t wait to see her again.

    IanP Dec 02nd 2021

    Had the wonderful pleasure of spending time with Charlotte yesterday and what a great time it was as usual. Did not appreciate it had been so long but working out of the Country sees time pass by. Charlotte is a wonderful kind lady with a very supberb and sexy body. As always great service and the actual facts we will keep to ourselves. Hope to see you again soon Darling.

    ? Jun 09th 2021

    I met Charlotte on her first day and had a fantastic hot of fun with a sweet, sexy energetic and beautiful young lady. She made sure our time was filled with fantastic action and I can’t wait to meet her again for some more of the same.

    IanP May 23rd 2021

    had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte again yesterday now two Thursdays on the trot. All my memories of a beautiful session in December and the previous week returned to the forefront. Excellent time extremely sexy and beautiful lady who is intent on giving you a good time. Will not go into detail but simply the best, Thank you Charlotte xx

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