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Stockings and suspenders Oh La La

Posted: May 13, 2018

A bit about 18th Century Stockings Since undergarments aka “unmentionables” were not freely discussed or shown in print for polite society there seems to be a bit of speculation about where a lady would “tie” her stockings. Stocking length of a few inches above the knee seems to be the general concensus on the correct length for a ladies stocking; it is the point of where the garter was placed that seems to be in question. It is widely believed that women used a buckled garter of some type, or a ribbon to tie their stockings off, just below the knee or possibly just above knee.

Back to the 21st Century The reason stockings are so sought after and loved is because they are just plain sexy. They have a special kind of allure to them and are so tactile.

Some clients go insane when they see a lady in a pair because they are so sensuous. We that is Women and men love the feel of a stocking There is nothing better for then to rubbing your legs together under a skirt and feel how silky and sexy our legs feel. See they even turn me on.

During the early 1800s the majority of fashionable stocking were made of cotton. No one even noticed them any ways due to the floor length dresses and skirts of the time. There was no need to have any glitz and glamour to these stockings because they were made to be functional not sexy Oh dear how sad.

Men are primarily visual creatures. That is why men enjoy looking at porn or pass admiring glances at ladies as they walk past. Stockings in particular the seamed provide a visual feast. Stockings accentuate the curves of the leg the seams more so they even out any inconsistencies in the skin. Darker shades (black), naturally slim the legs.

Moving away from the visuals for a second, stockings stimulate the other senses too. Listen as we walk, hear the rustle of nylon against nylon. Stroke the legs, feel the smooth softeness beneath your fingers. I rest my case.

Oh don’t forget the Stilettos.

Quote for the day: A body is meant to be seen not covered up Think Sexy be Sexy. We are always sexy at Club Classique xx

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